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What Do You Do To Challenge Yourself Today?

What do you Do to Challenge yourself Today? What did you take on these past months?

This is my 17th Barre online class! I have never had a flexible body, but I have always been intrigued by the challenges and moves of Barre classes. I decided to give it a try a month ago and I love it! I am not even close to having the poses of a ballerina, but that is not the goal. My goal is to challenge my body and brain to do something different, to do something that is the very opposite of me. I exchanged my 6-8-pound weights to these two-pounder ones for this low-intensity, high repetition thirty-minute program that improves strength and flexibility. Oh, boy, do they work!

Doing something new creates challenges, motivation, interest, it activates the body, and your mind to a whole new level. You will feel energized, fulfilled, accomplished, and feel the Joy.

What challenges have you been taking on? Did you try out something bold? I would love to hear it. Anything new, fun, or crazy?

Or have you been thinking of doing something just not having the courage to get started?

When you work with me, I help you uncover the doubts that are holding you back, find what is the next level for you, how to get there while creating Energy and Joy. Message me or email me at ildiko@vandcnaturalhealth.com and I am happy to chat.

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