Success Strategies to Thrive in an Unpredictable School Year

I m so excited to announce that TODAY I LAUNCHED my NEW online course:

"Success Strategies to Thrive in an Unpredictable School Year"

The year 2020 has created new norms and quite a few new challenges for us and for our kiddos. We all try to adjust and create new routines... with more or less success.

I spent the last couple of months creating this online course to offer success strategies to overcome the craziness. Originally, I designed this program for overwhelmed moms only, to show them how to go from exhausted to energized, how to become successful and not just completing a million tasks daily and not getting anywhere.

But life has changed! And I shifted my focus too.

We are dealing with social distancing, distance learning, standing in line to get into the grocery store to find out the toilet paper aisle is empty again….

… and while we save a lot of time and money on the commute, we spend all of our time at home.

It is great to see the whole family all day and every day, but managing children’s schoolwork, technological issues, providing multiple meals that just pile the dishes up, dealing with sibling’s drama (anybody?) AND trying to get our own work done for the JOB?!

I have seen lots of funny videos of the new “working-from-home” norms (btw, I have been living in my yoga pants since March), and I also heard lots of stories from parents who are frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed because now we have to be the teacher, principal, counselor, aftercare assistant, chef, janitor, and wait…. We still have to actually complete the work that brings in the paychecks.

Do you feel sometimes that you are just tired, exhausted, and frustrated with working and schooling from home, dealing with technology challenges, juggling multiple schedules, and struggling to get things done?


Click here to learn more about my online program:

"Success Strategies to Thrive in an Unpredictable School Year"

If you know of other parents who might be overwhelmed by managing work, school, and house to-do-s and would be interested in time management solutions, stress-reducing strategies, and how to incorporate healthier meals into their family's daily life, please share this post with them.

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