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Secrets to Achieve Your Goals This Year

Did you create resolutions and goals for the year 2021?

Millions of people make resolutions at the beginning of January but most of them do not follow through, and by February all their enthusiasm is gone. Why is that?

How are you following through so far? Do you want to achieve your goals?

Here are some secrets to true success.

1. Create realistic goals

Most people overestimate what they are going to do in a year. If you picked several goals, pick only the ones that are the most meaningful to you. If you want to do too much, you end up being overwhelmed and you will end up doing nothing. So, pick the most important goal for you to start with.

As an example: I picked some health and some work-related goals so I can try new things in both areas of my life.

2. Break down your goals

Create a plan for each month, each week, or day that will get you closer to your goal. Grab a calendar and write it down. Again, keep it realistic. Will you really exercise for one hour every day? Or perhaps 3 times a week? As an example, I decided to exercise every day, even though sometimes it might be just for 10 min and I kept track of it in my calendar. It was nice to look back on my results.

3. Focus on what you want

People often create goals and think about what they do not want, which becomes a downer. Instead of saying, “I decided not to eat gluten”, reframe your goal to, and say, “I want to eat gluten-free, I am so excited to try out new products”. Instead of saying “I do not like being overweight”, say “I will exercise every day so I can lose some fat and build some muscles. I am excited to fit into my cute dress again.”

4. Visualize the result

If you want to be more fit, visualize the outcome, your toned body in a cool outfit. If you want to become successful at public speaking, visualize your success, when you can tell you capture your audience. When you see the result, you will work towards your goal effortlessly. Visualize yourself in your cute dress or the increasing results on your work dashboard.

5. Don’t worry about not achieving your goals

What matters is that you grow as a person. What matters is your journey towards your goal. Track and celebrate the progress. When you are teaching your child to read, you do not expect him to be able to read an adult novel even after he knows all his letters. You progress from words to easy, short sentences to more complicated sentences. From short picture books to novels. It takes time. I accomplished 21 out of 31 days of activity in January. It’s not an exercise every day as I originally planned, but it’s more than half, and way more than what I did in December. I am shooting for more in February. Keeping the momentum.

6. Make sure to enjoy the ride

Make it fun. Enjoy what you are doing. If you want to exercise every day but you hate running, do not run. Do yoga, swim or strength training. Find a group or do it alone. I love mixing things up. It’s hard to get started but once you are doing it, it feels so good.

7. Celebrate your milestones

When you achieve a milestone, make sure to pat yourself on the back. Let your family or friends know. Celebrate. I celebrated with “puff-puffs” (similar to homemade doughnut balls) we made this weekend as my 7th-grade son’s project on trying out West African dishes.

8. Don’t stop

Don’t stop after you achieved your goal. Keep going, set up other challenges. Keep the momentum. After becoming fit, don’t’ stop. Find some fun challenges to complete, like orienteering, or a 10-day vegan challenge. I am trying out a 28-day strength training program, where the exercises build on each other. When I am done, I will look for another program.

Keep in mind:

Even if you just improve 1% every day, can you imagine how much you can grow in a month, in a year?

It’s time to take action and make 2021 your best year ever in this crazy new world we are living in today!

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