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Kick start 2021 for a vibrant and energized you!

What is your plan for the next year? 2020 has been a very interesting, challenging, and eventful year for all of us in the world. Lots of people are waiting for the calendar to switch to 2021 to give us a promising new start!

If you are wondering about all the things you want to do differently next year, here are some ideas to get you started and to create the energy to keep the momentum going.

Get a Calendar!

Yes. Get a calendar that you will actually use. Either a weekly or monthly, paper, or online version. Make sure there is room for each week and each month to write down some of your plans. What big things do you want to accomplish next year? Break it down to what you need to each month to make it happen. Add daily to-do-s.

Get moving!

Find an exercise program or routine that you enjoy. I like apps that offer various types of classes, from total body workout to stretch and yoga. Most apps offer different time frames anything from 10 minutes to 60 minutes of exercise programs. Some days I have time only for 10 minutes in the morning or during my lunchtime.

Drink warm lemon water with some fresh ginger

Drink warm lemon water with some fresh ginger first thing in the morning to kick start your digestive system. My cool tip: grate some ginger and add a very small amount into an ice cube tray. Top with one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and into the freezer it goes. You will be set for the next 12 days. Just pop one out each morning.

Replace one or more of your meals with a healthier version

Here are some ideas for a meal swap:

*Breakfast – drink a green smoothie

*Lunch – eat a hearty salad with lots of leafy greens. Some say the dressing is the one that makes the salad unhealthy. You know what? If the dressing helps you eat that lovely salad, go for it. Choose organic, non-GMO salad dressings. Those vegetables in the salad will give you the vitamins and nutrients for your day to feel energized.

*Dinner – enjoy a nice warm soup.

Clean out your pantry

I know the new year always comes with resolutions. Clean your cabinet out and toss the holiday-inspired items that you know are not going to contribute to your health.

Bonus: you are starting the new year with a nice, clean, organized cabinet.

Quality Sleep

Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep every night. Tips to get quality sleep:

*Do not eat for 3 hours prior to going to sleep.

*Do not work during the last 2 hours before you go to sleep.

*Do not watch any electronics in the last hour before you go to sleep. The emitted blue light will keep your brain and body alert.

*Turn the lights down in the house to get your body used to that it is sleepy time.

*Diffuse lavender and orange essential oils.

When you get into the habit of doing these every day, your body will remember and will be ready for a good night’s sleep as soon as the first trigger hits: turning down the lights and diffuse your favorite calming essential oils.

Pick one or all of these ideas and see how you can create new habits for your better and vibrant you.

I already started my meal swap; I made a commitment to move every day (even if that will be only for 10 minutes) and have been moving for the past seven days every day. I am feeling those hidden muscles. Most days I remember to add my lemon ginger cube to my morning water. I still need to get a paper calendar for our family.

All these tips above will help you generate energy. When you have energy, you will have a better focus, you will be able to keep the momentum and accomplish your goals.

What is your biggest challenge that you would like to tackle in 2021?

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