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Is Your To-Go Bag Ready to Go?

Remember when you had your diaper bag ready to go with all the essentials at any time? Just grab and go. No worries about forgetting anything because you know, it’s in there. (If you still have diaper bags around - good for you).

Now that the weather is nicer and we all want to just hop into to park to play frisbee, or go for a quick day hike… and you realize you forgot your water bottle, sunglasses, suntan lotion, snacks, tissue paper,... you know… just the thing you need exactly at that moment… how annoying….

Why not have a small backpack, or a cool-looking canvas bag, or one of those oversized fanny packs that fit on your shoulder and are so fashionable…?

Going to sports practices, sports games, random trips to the park, or just on longer than intended shopping trips I decided I will have a bag ready to go just like when my kiddos were babies. It’s so nice not to worry about things at the last minute. Grab and go.

Here are my essential that you will find in any bag that I leave the house with:

A water bottle. Interesting, that I grew up without a water bottle and I do not remember whether I ever drank water. I must have, because I am still here, writing this article. But in today’s world besides my cell phone, a water bottle is the next thing.

A baseball hat. For sun, rain, or wind protection. In the winter I have my fuzzy hat packed.

Tissue paper. I was grown up that I should never leave the house without a small packet of tissue paper. I still never do. Thanks, mom. And they do come in handy in all kinds of situations in lieu of a napkin, shoe duster, bathroom tissue, spill wiper, windshield wiper, you name it.

A scarf/wrap. It’s great when it cold so you use it as a scarf. Or as a pillow to sit on the cold bleachers. An actual pillow to take a nap. A blanket for your child. Or cover your shoulders when you already got a sunburn. It’s versatile.

Suntan lotion in the summer. Just gotta have it. And make sure you have a backup at home because you will be the only mom being prepared during baseball practice and everyone will love you for it (resulting in an empty bottle).

And extra face mask. You know somebody in the family forgot to bring theirs.

Hand sanitizer. Nowadays this a must. No comment.

Couple granola bars. You know your kids will be starving as soon as you start going somewhere, right?

Tea tree essential oils. This is the one bottle of essential oil I always carry around. This is great for: scrapes (disinfectant), mosquito, bee, or any bug bites (helps with the sting and itch), any blemishes, acne, or sores that might show up on your face as soon as you leave the house, or use as mouth-rinse in lieu of mouthwash.

In order to save time and keep your sanity, being prepared, even if on a very small scale, can eliminate a lot of your stress. The key: make sure you refill your bag when you come home so it’s ready to go again.

What’s your favorite must-have item in your bag? The one you never leave without? (Cell phone does not count. You know you will have it)

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