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I Took Advantage of Staying Home: I Eat Raw Onion Every Day

Onions are sooooo super healthy, however, when you are out and about, it can be a very uncomfortable experience. But….. now…. that we have to stay home, I can eat as much of raw onions as I want! I love it! I add them on top of my rye bread with fresh avocado and cayenne peppers or on top of my black bean burger and on every meal daily.

1. Onions are packed with Vitamin C, which helps regulate our immune health, tissue repair.

2. Vitamin C helps with iron absorption, which is key for your red blood cells and contains Vitamin B6 which plays key roles in metabolism red blood cell production. This is huge for those who do not eat meat.

3. Onions contain antioxidants that help reduce cholesterol levels and may protect against heart disease.

4. Onions help control blood sugar, which is especially important for those people who have diabetes.

5. Onions help support strong bones by improving bone mineral density. This is especially important for women who are in the postmenopausal age.

6. Onions have significant antibacterial properties.

7. Onions are a rich source of fiber and prebiotics which is necessary for optimal gut health by boosting digestive health, improve the bacterial balance in your gut, and benefit your immune system.

8. And best for last: when I eat raw onions, I become super thirsty, so that helps me drink more than 2 liters of water a day!

What’s not to love? If you do not like raw onion, you can easily add them to your meal by sautéing, baking, or simply placing them whole in your soup or stew.

If you are not a fan but want to love onions or you need ideas incorporating onion into your meals, simply email me. Let’s connect, onion want-to-be-lovers. (Garlic is my next fave)

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