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Feeling overwhelmed?

I have been feeling overwhelmed lately. I have my full-time job. I went back to school. I started my business. I have two busy boys. I got a promotion with more responsibilities and travel. Keeping up with my business. I still show up to every single sports game, even if it requires to be on the field all day. I still grocery shop and cook meals at home several times a week. I show up to my yoga classes and my book club meetings too.

The other day I was sitting with my red clover tea (helps ease anxiety) and I was wondering how do I do it? I started to add up all those things I did in a day, in a week, in a month, in a year…. And wow! I am amazed that I had time to do all these things and I do not feel tired. I feel energized!

What is the secret?

First, I always write a list and organize, prioritize what needs to be done today and what time.

Second, I focus on accomplishing one task at a time. It’s less time consuming than jumping back and forth between activities.

Third, I set up each task by when I have to, or I want to accomplish it and I stick to the schedule.

Fourth, I look at my list and see what I can automate, simplify, delegate (my kids love to earn money and my husband is very supportive), and eliminate (yeah, “not everything HAS to be done, only I WANT to get it done” as my boys tell me all the time. And you know what? Sometimes they are right.)

Fifth, At the end of the day, I look over what were all the things I did, what was the most fun, and what will be a next time to do it better. It feels good to know what I Accomplished!

I was also wondering, how come that I do not feel tired? I should be exhausted, right?

But no, I am totally energetic even in the evenings. And I sleep very good. I realized I can thank all this to the lifestyle change I had been through in the past five years. I eliminated certain foods (meat, dairy, coffee), I added a lot more fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. I exercise regularly. I removed household and personal items that contain toxins and replaced them with those without harmful chemicals. I use essential oils, herbs, and herbal teas every day. By removing all those things that were holding me back and adding things that give me great health and energy, the sky is the limit.

My mood is better, and I enjoy everything I do!

The best times are spending six hours on the sports field, enjoying the fresh air, the sunshine or rain, totally unplugged from all the electronics and watching my boys play.

And when I get the feeling of being overwhelmed, I start my list over. It works!

Do you need help incorporating a different lifestyle that works for You so you can feel energetic and accomplished every day? Contact me for a free 15-minute chat to see how I can work with you to streamline your busy day.

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