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Best This Summer: Family Time Unplugged

When was the last time you had a vacation unplugged?

My family has been together in the same house since March. Pretty much all day every day, weekdays, and weekends. We made it through distance learning that kept our boys and us occupied for couple hours in a day, then several more hours of video games while the parents are actually trying to work from home between serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even though we have been together, I realized with the amount of work I have had at my “work” and running the kitchen and laundry I did not really spend quality time with my children.

So, I decided to take several days off in July, unplug from work and hit the outdoors with the family. We went to three different camping trips to three different amazing places, that each involved forest and water but had no cell and internet service. I could not even be tempted to peek at my emails. 100% focus on my family and myself.

Here are my best and Fun Tips to stay connected with your partner and children:

Go Outdoors – Whether you like camping or glamping, there are some super fun private campsites where you can sleep in a tent, in a treehouse, in the middle of the farm, or by your own private creek. Not so much into camping? Find an awesome day-hike, a mask is recommended if it is a busy trail. Find a nice lake or creek where you can be away from other people but together as a family. We are so lucky in the Pacific Northwest!

Boring car ride? Use conversation cards. – We had a great time with some “What would you do” and “Brain Games” cards where the boys were in charge of reading the questions. Get creative and laugh a lot!

Board Games – Do you have a back yard, patio, balcony, or a dining room table? Dust off your favorite board games. Or get some new ones, they are back in stock at the store. Yahtzee is our ultimate favorite.

Are you brave? Give each other a haircut. – We watched some how-to videos, and we went for it. There was a little blood, lots of laughs, and some unique hairstyles.

Cook together – find a fun recipe and tackle those veggies and fruit together for a delicious meal. Or buy some vegetables you have never had before and find a recipe to prepare it. Kids love baking. Let them find a recipe, have them measure out all the ingredients, mix them up, and enjoy!

When you unplug from your phone and laptop for several days you will feel free from all the outside pressure and influence, and you can really feel the Joy with your partner and children. You might even be able to sneak in some alone time to read a book, play sudoku (on paper), garden or, just do nothing and listen to the birds chirping. Your body and mind will recharge, you will feel Energized and take on any challenges that come to you.

Feeling inspired? Let me know What is your favorite fun activity that you enjoy doing with your partner and your children? I would love to hear from you.

Are you busy but you do not feel like you are going anywhere? Are you tired and exhausted? I can help you organize your time that works for you, I will show you how to set priorities so you will have time for recharging your body and you will have time for fun too. Contact me for a free 15-minute chat to see how I can work with you to go from being overwhelmed and exhausted to feel energized.

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