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Amazing Surprise!

The hike to the top of Camelback Mountain on the Cholla trail ended up with a great surprise! Not only I felt accomplished that I made it to the top, but these wonderful people greeted everybody with a smile and a warm hug! How awesome is that!

Reflecting back, this year felt just like my hike on the Cholla trail. Smooth and easy at certain places but challenging and rocky some other times. The key is not to give up! When I became tired, I stopped, took some deep breaths and enjoyed the view. I took notice and lots of pictures of the cool rock formations, the cacti, other spiky bushes, the view of the city and the mountains. In our life we also need to remember to stop sometimes and enjoy what we have!

There were some very challenging climbs where other hikers gave you an encouraging smile. When my husband, Randall, and I reached the top, we felt accomplished. We made it! The view was even more beautiful. Then we turn the corner and Santa and his friends are waiving at all of us with a big smile. They brought a special joy to all of us up there! When you reach the top, you never know what surprises will await you!

This year, with my goals in mind, I climbed steep hills so I can be where I wanted to be. I want to Thank You all who supported me on my exciting journey! Next year I will keep going to fulfill my mission to help others.

My mission is to help other moms get motivated, to take action and to feel energized throughout their journey so all the moms can get to where they want to be. We all work hard every day, every week, we do not even notice a year or two went by and when we look back, we feel like we did not accomplish anything. It feels like our hard work is not getting us anywhere and we are just tired, exhausted and overwhelmed.

My new program, the Vitality Code, is coming soon. It will help moms to go from exhausted and overwhelmed to Energized, Accomplished and Happy!

I wish you all a Happy and Successful New Year!

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