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10 Ways to Sneak 1-Minute Workouts into your Busy Day

The truth is that I have been exercising less and working more since I have been working from home. It should be the other way around, right?

However, I did not even notice it because I have been living in yoga pants in the past eight months and yoga pants stretch and look good on you. You know where I am going right?

The first month of working from home was fun, with no commute, no rushing out of the house, more time to exercise in the morning. I am loving it! I am in my best shape ever!

Fast forward several months… I realized that I can actually start working at 7 am instead of 8.30 am. I can get so much more done… Now it’s dark out there at 5 pm, I have no idea what time it is…. My husband is walking by me kissing me good night…. Where did the day go?

I need to get back to my exercise routine and back into my last year's pants! I need to move more, tighten up some body parts, and build some muscles.

I figured out some ways to build in some movement while I am working. Bonus: I am not at the office, so nobody sees what I am doing at my desk. Lol.

I put some light weights (2 pounds) and some heavier weights (6 pounds) by my desk.

Do you want to be more energized, more focused, and more productive?

Here is how you can also sneak in some short exercises throughout your day:

1. Do 30 push-ups when you wake up. Right there. By your bed. Perhaps start with 10 and build up. You can even put your knees down. 30 push-ups take 30 seconds. Or just do 10 jumping jacks instead Get the heart rate up a bit and build a nice core.

2. Move your legs up and back, or to the side while you are waiting for the water to boil for your coffee or tea. Remember those callanetics classes?

3. Do some vinyasas while your computer is loading up.

4. Stand up and stretch every 50 minutes. Set your timer.

5. Use your light weights at your desk while you are reading a long article or just need a little brain break.

a) Put your arms in a goal post position and move them up and back into the goal post position.

b) Put your arms straight out and do small arm circles forward and then backward.

c) Get creative.

d) Stretch it out.

I like the lightweights here because I can do lots of small resistance exercises and I can easily put the weight down onto my desk when I have to flip the page or take a note.

6. Use your heavier weights when you are on a conference call where you are not expected to talk. Get up and with weights in hand

a) Do some lunges

b) Do some squats

c) Bend your knees a bit and do some biceps curls or triceps exercises

d) Stretch it out

7. Go outside and walk around the block. Takes only five minutes. You will notice that you will actually end up walking a couple more blocks. It’s nice to refresh your brain and move your legs. You will notice that you will become energized (no afternoon coffee needed) and you will be able to focus better. Grab an apple instead of a donut on your way back to your computer.

8. Jump rope for a minute when you come back from your water break.

9. Jump on a mini-trampoline for a minute. We put ours out on the back porch. Fresh air and a little jumping combo.

10. Sit on the floor and do some yoga stretches while watching TV or reading a book in the evening.

All these take only a minute or so. You will enjoy the benefits of stretching, moving, getting your heart rate up, toning your arms, legs, and core. Your body and your brain will thank you for it.

Please make sure to use your best judgment and discretion when exercising. You know your body and it’s limitations. If something does not feel good, do not do it. You want to make sure to avoid injuries.

Do you have any cool tricks and hacks that you came up with to get your body moving just for a few minutes in your busy day?

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