Why I Fell in Love with Essential Oils

Through my journey of healthy living I incorporated real, whole foods, green smoothies, exercise and yoga but I did not stop there. After learning about the toxins in our household cleaners and about the harmful chemicals in our personal care items I wanted to incorporate natural solutions in my home. 

On my quest to natural living I was introduced to essential oils and a whole new world opened up for me. Essential oils represent nature in its most concentrated forms. Essential oils can help you sleep better, relieve your pain, lower your stress,  support your immune system, help you focus, give you an energy boost, provide you emotional support, help you feel vibrant and the list goes on. I have been using essential oils in my house on a daily basis and my family loves them too because they see the results. 

How pure are the essential oils that you buy? 

Many people think that when they buy oil that is labeled "100% pure", they are getting good oils. Unfortunately, this is not true. Pure, unadulterated essential oils are hard to come by and some can be potentially harmful due to synthetic chemicals and other additives. 

I personally trust and use essential oils from Young Living because they guarantee to bring pure, quality and authentic essential oils into your home by their Seed to Seal method. Young Living has an extensive product line that includes essential oils, blends, household cleaners, pet products, makeup products, personal care items, vitamins, and even a line of products safe and gentle enough for babies. 

Let's get started with the right wholesale kit that fits you and your family's needs. These kits include a combination of products that you can use to support your body, your mind and your non-toxic home.