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About Ildiko

Meet Ildiko
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I am an integrative nutrition health coach, and owner of V & C Natural Health, based in Portland, OR. 


I am passionate about my family, real, whole foods, green smoothies, exercise, yoga, essential oils, and the great outdoors.

I specialize in working with moms in my community and all over the country to create simple habits that help them go from exhausted to energized, from overwhelmed to organized that is sustainable every day.

My focus is on helping busy working moms go from being burned out to be able to create a balance between their work and motherhood.

As a mom of two energetic boys

I have experienced the joy and struggles that come with parenthood while working two jobs. 


In my mid-thirties I started to develop irritability, migraine headaches, and digestive issues. This all lead to stress, more irritability and ended up having a negative effect on my overall performance at work and sadly me as being a mom. I decided to change this because I wanted to show up for my kids every day, instead of laying down in the dark waiting for my migraine headaches to go away.

After extensive research, I completely changed my lifestyle. I added whole foods and eliminated foods that did not serve my body. It was not easy but I was determined! I also replaced all our household and personal care items with toxin-free options. I got off all the pills and our medicine cabinet contains essential oils and essential oil blends I create. My migraine headaches and digestive issues are gone. I am not irritable or stressed anymore, my energy is back!

Now that I was feeling great, I was able to focus better and create simple habits that helped me stay organized and productive throughout the day. 

Ildiko Zsoldos-Dollens
Ildiko Zsoldos-Dollens

My Focus

My focus is supporting moms with nutrition in a toxin-free home for a healthier life and helping them navigate a balance between work and family life. Figuring out how to work from home efficiently while kids need help with school work. Juggling work, school, multiple schedules, household, sports, and afterschool activities are exhausting. 


You are burned out! I hear you. It's time to start thriving!

With my support moms are able to:

  • develop habits that promote vibrant health

  • get their picky eaters to make healthier choices

  • create a routine that works for them

  • learn to plan their day and become better organized

  • reduce stress and become more efficient with time 

  • be more successful at their job

  • feel more accomplished in their job and at home

  • enjoy some extra time with their family

  • become a role model for their children! 

Creating a balance in your life is essential for your health and success!

My Family

I have been married to my husband, Randall, since 2000. I feel lucky to have such a supportive husband, partner, friend, and amazing dad to our two boys, Vincent and Cooper. He has helped me so much to go through tough times, crazy days, and to pursue my dreams. 

We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Portland, OR. We enjoy going to our boy's sports events, hiking, biking, camping, and playing endless board games together.  

In my free time, I love exploring herbs and spices and their effect on our health and wellness, gardening, reading books, and enjoying the sunshine. 

My Mission

 My Mission 

Food, daily habits, and mindset change everything! My mission is to inspire busy working moms, like you,  to want to take charge of their health and happiness to regain their energy and vitality.


My Approach
IZS-BeyoutifulPortraits-ss-3 stairs.jpg

My Approach

First of all, I do not judge. We all go through different experiences. I hear a lot from my clients that they enjoy working with me because I do not judge, I am patient and I guide them through the process so they can be successful.

I listen to you and I understand you.


I practice a holistic approach which means that we look at how all areas of your life are connected. Your health, energy, motivation, finances, exercise, social life, spirituality, home environment, career, relationships, creativity, and joy are all interconnected. If you are out of balance in one area, you might see a shift in the others as well. When you are stressed, for example, you are not able to focus on your health, your work, or even your children.

I help you create that balance. You will be empowered to create your own lifestyle and routines, and you will be able to manage daily challenges with confidence.

Let's take the next step together, starting from where you are right now. 
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